Ray Marks

Department of Orthopedic physical therapy
Columbia University
Journal Associated: Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation Biography:

Dr. Marks has expertise in several areas: arthritis, falls, electrotherapy, obesity; hip fractures; health promotion and practice; patient provider communications, pain and chronic disease prevention and management. She has authored many scientific papers and book chapters. She has served as the Director (2005 - present) of the Center for Health Promotion, School of Health and Behavioral Sciences, City University of New York, York College—a non-profit Public Health Education Center with a 20 year history of serving the local community. She is Founding Director of the Osteoarthritis Research Center, Canada.

Research Interest: Orthopedic physical therapy, specifically falls injuries, hip fractures,osteoarthritis, and pain issues, plus electrotherapy, chronic disease management, and patient education

URL of Official website link: https://www.york.cuny.edu/portal_college/rmarks 

Number of Publications: 167