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    Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation is an open access, academic, well-established, international journal which is dedicated to publishing high quality manuscripts focus on Novel Physiotherapy and physical Rehabilitation. The peer reviewed journal which aims to advance physiotherapy practice and research through academic publication and creates scientific platform is take into consideration all most update and outstanding research articles, commentaries, reviews or systematic or modern papers, opinions, scientific data, letters, editorials, case reports, technical reports, regular book reviews and short communication etc. in all major areas of Novel Physiotherapy and advancement of physical rehabilitation professions. The academic Journal also aims to foster research capacity within the Profession and encourages of submission from new researchers and physiotherapists.

    Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation is dedicated to publishing and disseminating all most up-to-date and special articles in all topics in neurological, musculoskeletal, sports rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary from a wide range of social and cultural perspectives to help audiences understand the varied backgrounds in which rehabilitation clinical practice is undertaken. It provides information on health and rehabilitation sciences including Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Biotechnology, Orthotics & Prosthetics, etc. Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation is a premier journal which publishes all types of scientific data in the field of advancement of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and shows path for the discovering new methods or mechanisms for curing of chronic diseases. The Journal is at the right time available, and is generously accessible internationally through internet to share innovations to the researchers for scholarly advancement in this field.

    Novel Physiotherapy
    • Evidence base for physiotherapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Sport and Physical Activity
    • Advances in Neurorehabilitation Techniques
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Chronic Disease
    • Occupational therapy
    • Emerging Rehabilitation Techniques
    • Speech and language therapy