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    About AMGM

    The Annals of Molecular and Genetic Medicine is an international academic journal publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research. The major aim of the Annals is to increase understanding of the biology of molecular and genetic medicine, both in health and in disease. The scholarly journal which aims to publish premier, various detailed research and review papers on all the related areas of advanced research carried on in the field of Molecular and Genetic Medicine. And also Annals of Molecular and Genetic Medicine is a medical journal which publishes all types of articles on a wide range of medical specialties. The journal encompasses all the clinical trials, medical and biological aspects of potential gene therapies and treatment of genetic disorders through modification of gene expression.

    The Journal covers all the related areas of molecular and genetic medicine that encompasses the fundamental nature of genes and genomes at all levels by experimental and theoretical approaches in all organisms, including microbes, plants, animals and human. In order to become the leading journal, Annals of Molecular and Genetic Medicine provide wide scope which allows and accepts articles from multiple disciplines and guides the articles according to the peer review process. The journal will release special issues edited by existed editors as well as Guest Editors. All the publications will be promoted via social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and, Face book etc. The author's copyright using fee will be paid off in a lump sum. If an author doesn't agree to involve his article in the databases, please make a declaration on the time of his contribution for our appropriate processing.

    The editors and peer reviewers of Annals of Molecular and Genetic Medicine are requested to promote judgment based on scientific and technical validity of the work with useful feedback. The aim of this journal is to become one of the leading journals which aid scientific community in knowledge dissemination. Articles to be considered should in the form of original research, review, case studies, short communication etc. The scholarly Journal is rapidly available, and easy to get worldwide through internet for development of this field. All contributions shall be rigorously refereed and selecting on the basis of quality and originality of the work as well as the breadth of interest to readers. The journal is relevant to all professionals at the interface of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. All AMGM articles are published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License. Readers can copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited.

    Subject Areas:
    • Pathology & Molecular Medicine
    • Cellular Medicine
    • Molecular Basis of Cancer
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Molecular Basis of Alzheimer Disease
    • Molecular Basis of Parkinson's disease
    • Molecular Basis of Atherosclerosis
    • Molecular Basis of Sickle Cell Anemia
    • Molecular Basis of Obesity
    • Molecular Diagnosis